Pod Labs Nespresso Compatible Kopi-O (10 Capsules)

Type: Pod Labs

The world’s first Kopi-O capsule, developed after a year long R&D process.

  • Roasted according to a 30 year old traditional recipe
  • Produced in Singapore
  • All natural, no additional flavour enhancers and preservatives added
  • Roasted with plant based margarine

A smooth blend of fine South-American Arabica and South-East Asian Robusta beans are skillfully roasted in Singapore according to a traditional 30-year-old recipe. Ground and packed to precision, always ensuring a perfect extraction every time to provide that familiar kopitiam taste.

Strength– 4.5 out of 5 on the lungo option (approx. 100 – 110 ml depending on machine settings)

Increase the strength to 5 / 5 by selecting the espresso option twice to (approx. 70 to 80 ml. depending on machine settings)

Recommended use:

  1. Flush the system – This ensures that the temperature of the water going through the capsule is optimal.
  2. Open and shake capsule –This helps to loosen the coffee powder for a perfect extraction.
  3. Insert capsule and select volume – Choose lungo (bigger cup icon) once or espresso (smaller cup icon) twice for a stronger cup.
  4. Watch the magic happen –Smell the fine fragrance of the kopi. Extraction could take up to a minute depending on machine settings.
  5. Add your condiments –Go sugar free or sweeten the kopi-o with sugar / condensed milk.
  6. Enjoy your beverage–Sit back and savour the coffee!


Ingredients: Coffee Beans