About Us

Initially catering for the Asian diabetic community, the brand has expanded to encourage healthy dietary and living through quality products at affordable prices.

Keep Diabetes at Bay with The Diabetic Shop.

Diabetes is perhaps the most common health problem around the world right now. As if it is not enough, the high blood sugar leads to other health problems like heart disease, kidney, and liver problems. Though there is no absolute cure for this problem, you can still keep it in check by controlling your body sugar level. There are certain foods and routine you can take to keep diabetes at bay. Stop fearing diabetes as The Diabetic shop is now here to be your savior! Our concept is based on the Asian lifestyle to keep blood sugar level in check. Exercising and medicine do play a part, but so does a change of lifestyle.

You would probably know of some food items that help you keep sugar level balanced. In your busy schedule, you will not have time to stop and make a low sugar diet. We understands your problem well. It has the perfect heat-and-eat multigrain oatmeal product. It has a low glucose index and is non-GMO. The resealable pack also contains barley, a grain known for lowering blood sugar. This food item is prepared as a hot cereal, although you can use it as a base to make your own muesli. It is cooked either on the stove or in the microwave. You can even carry it around as it can fit snuggly in your pocket.