Type: Socks
Color - GREY

Reflexa® Ankle Support socks are developed specifically to aid ankles during walking or sports activities. In addition to the unique way of knitting and arch support, they integrate the advanced Quattroxy™ technology, which can increase blood flow and oxygenation in your feet. Flat toe seam is used to avoid friction and irritation. Contain antimicrobial technology Aegis™ to maintain freshness.

Product Features:

  • Improve foot pronation
  • Prevent ankle sprain
  • Decrease ankle swelling
  • Prevent friction and irritation

More Detailed Information
Microcirculation difference in feet measured in patients with diabetes wearing Quattroxy™ sock and a control sock.

Reflexa® Ankle Support is made of:
  • 43% Quattroxy™ Polyester
  • 38% Polyamide
  • 16% Lycra
  • 3% Copper

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