Type: Socks
Color - BLACK

Reflexa® Amputee socks are developed specifically to provide comfortable everyday wear for people with amputated limbs. They can be worn on healed amputated limbs (and not on prosthesis). Reflexa® Amputee contain Quattroxy™, a leading oxygenation and blood-flow increase technology, which can help nourish cells and regenerate tissue. Contain antimicrobial technology Aegis™ to maintain freshness.

Product Features:

  • Regenerate tissues
  • Nourish cells
  • Provide comfort
  • Cover different shapes of amputated limbs

Reflexa® Amputee is made of:
  • 78% Quattroxy polyester
  • 20% Polyamide
  • 2% Elastane

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Made in the EU