REFLEXWEAR® Thin Compressions and Travelstockings with 60% Celliant®

Type: Socks
Color - BLACK

These compression & travel socks are knitted using the same thin and ultra-soft Celliant™ yarn as the Diabetes, Wellness & Comfort stockings, complemented by a slight compression of 20 mmHg over the foot and ankle area, which gradually decreases up the leg in order to stimulate circulation. These stockings stimulate blood circulation with the help of 2 functions: the compression effect and the Celliant™ yarn with its effect. This model is also designed to be perfectly suited to people with diabetes.

Product Features:

  • Increase the vascular flow
  • Increase the oxygen level in the skin and muscle tissue
  • Increase the healing of wounds
  • Relieve pain and reduce neuropathy
  • Keep your feet warmer / Regulate the temperature
  • Non-binding and non-irritating flat toe seam
  • Optimal confort
  • More relaxed sleep

More Detailed Information

ReflexWear® Socks / Stockings are knitted using the most scientific proven and advanced thread on the market. This yarn has been infused with 3 different minerals, which have been crushed into micro-particles and are then “shot” into the polyester fiber. These minerals can never wash out, regardless of how often the products are washed.

It is scientifically proven that this yarn (Celliant™) increases the oxygen level in the feet by 9%, and this increases blood circulation in the feet. Even the temperature of the feet gets adjusted. If you have warm feet, they’re cooled down. If you have cold feet, they'll get warmer.

Many people suffer from poor blood circulation to a lesser or greater degree, and from low oxygen levels in their feet. Some of the symptoms may be cold feet, restless legs and feet, cramps, numbness in the feet, neuropathy pain etc. In all of these cases ReflexWear® can help you.

ReflexWear® Travel is made of:

  • 90% CELLIANT™
  • 10% Elastane

Made in the EU