Why FiberPasta is better for you?

Why FiberPasta is better for you?

Why FiberPasta is better for you?

FiberPasta is a healthy pasta having the same pleasant taste as traditional Italian pasta, despite containing 15% of fibre, that means more than twice the amount of fibre of dark whole-wheat pasta. FiberPasta is made with 98% durum wheat and the addition of 2% inulin (prebiotic soluble fibre). It contains less calories than the regular pasta and is alow glycemic index food (G.I.23). FiberPasta contains no bran lignin that gives dark colour and unpleasant taste, and is the responsible for causing the reduction of mineral absorption.

FiberPasta is mainly useful on low glycemic index diets, weight and cholesterol control dietssport diets.

All FiberPasta products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Fibre content comparison between FiberPasta and the most common Italian whole wheat pasta:
FiberPasta:  15% fibre
Whole wheat Barilla pasta: 6,5% fibre
Whole wheat De Cecco pasta: 7,5% fibre

Pasta FiberPasta

Available shape: Penne, Spaghetti, Fusilli, Sedani, 500g box.

Wheat semolina pasta, fibre wheat (12%), inulin (2%).

Nutritional values x 100g:
Energy kJ/kcal 1381/330
Fats g 1,00
of which:
— saturated fat g 0,35
Carbohydrates g 58
of which:
— sugars g 0,34
Fibre g 15
Proteins g 15
Salt g 0,0005*

*salt content is exclusively due to the naturally present sodium


In the year 2001 FiberPasta was approved by the Italian Ministry of Health as being “food suitable for people suffering from the troubles of glucose metabolism (diabetes) *

It is recommend to use FiberPasta products in association with a healthy lifestyle